(Teaching in Finnish)

16. - 21.4. 2019

The Happy Hamlet, Fauroux, France


Come Home to Yourself!

We invite you to take an Easter break, and to do so only for yourself. We're taking our yoga to the beautiful and peaceful French countryside. You’ll have a chance to immerse yourself in yoga and your well-being while enjoying the best treats of southwestern France: Charm of a centuries old farm-hamlet, long dinners and the famous French “joie de vivre”, farmers’ markets and local vineyards, splendid nature and tranquil ambiance. This is exactly the place where you can just be. Yourself. And at home.

Breathe the fresh air. Free the spirit. Revive your body.


(Please note the teaching in this retreat is in Finnish)

The morning classes are focusing on the Sun/Yang -energy in opening and strengthening our bodies. We will start with a meditation and a pranayama (breathing practice) before we set ourselves to move more dynamically. Our morning asana practice is an energizing Hatha Vinyasa class to wake up the body and clear the mind with a sweet final relaxation to balance your practice. Often we finish our practice with a short meditation.

The evening practice is a Moon/Yin yoga practice. Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that is based on 5 elements of chinese medicine and meridian lines of the body. In Yin Yoga practice we will stay in restful positions for a longer period of time, usually few minutes in each asana. Instead of using the muscles, we dive deep into the fascia of the body. It is a beautiful opportunity to meet whatever is arising from the stillness within, to get to know ourselves better, while giving the body the nurturing and opening it needs. After the asana practice we will enjoy a blissful long relaxation with music or tibetan bowl sound bath.

According to the needs/levels of the group, we will have tailored workshops on the theory and tradition of yoga, also focusing more on the “why” we do yoga. This is by no means a strict lecture, but more an interactive sharing circle where everyone is free to ask questions and share their hearts.

So do yourself a favor and come home to yourself! The retreat is open for all levels. Come and enjoy a beautiful break with us on the French countryside!



Inquiries anukaroliinayoga@gmail.com, suska@thehappyhamlet.com

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Sun & Moon -yoga retreat (in English)

Spring 2019

Dates available soon!

The Happy Hamlet

Fauroux, France