Anu Karoliina Yoga



16. -21.4.2019

(TEACHING In finnish)

The Happy Hamlet

Fauroux, France

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I am a dreamer. My dream is that everyone would thrive in their life by finding their natural peace and balance through their own yoga practice. I'm positive that there is a right yoga for everyone! My mission is to encourage each student find their truth and happiness in their own breath within their actual natural asana practice. By guiding the students to listen to their bodies' subtle messages they can find their inherent wisdom by fully surrendering to the present moment and to the nurturing force of yoga.

In my classes and workshops the emphasis is on fully integrating the breath into the flow while giving the body the opening and strengthening its needs, according to each persons level of practice, including meditation and pranayama practices to deepen the connection between the inner self and the body. My aim is to lovingly guide my students into a deep healing connection with themselves.

I strongly believe that yoga carries the key for our true wellbeing and befriending ourselves. In a world where we are constantly being urged to reach higher, faster, and stronger it is paramount that we look into our soul for true happiness instead of hoping to find it through external achievements or sources whatever they might be. Yoga is a powerful liberating natural force. Simply by connecting the breath, movement and meditation into one seamless process we can fully connect with our true essence exactly as it is arising in each moment and receive the gifts of the Now.




Yoga classes

Weekly schedule in Joogastudio Oulu, Oulu Finland in July 2018

Private classes

Inquire for private classes for anukaroliinayoga@gmail com

workshops &retreats

Easter Yoga Retreat 16. 21. 4 -2019

(Teaching in Finnish)

The Happy Hamlet, Fauroux, France

Only 2 spots left!


Spring 2019

SUN & MOON - Yoga Retreat

(Teaching in English)

The Happy Hamlet, Fauroux, France




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Anu Karoliina’s extraordinary energy, combined with her clear delivery-style are both refreshing and valuable. Her vision to make a difference beyond her own needs is inspiring and moving. My cup is gratefully-filled after her classes.”
— Fi Jamieson-Folland
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