Anu is a fabulous teacher. It was through her classes that I actually properly discovered and understood yoga; that it's moving meditation; that it's about breath; that the physical part is the icing on the cake. With Anu, yoga is for everyone, not just the bendy. After two years of taking her classes I can say I always left feeling better and they really helped my mind and spirit, yes and my body. 

Andrew, England


It was a friend's reccommodation that tell me should attend Anu's class while visiting Ubud, then I kept going back her class everytime I return in Ubud .

She has a voice like an angel that I found very healing to hear, her hatha flow class is very smooth with a clear instruction, meditation guidance is so profound and I really resonate with her, she is authentic and warm hearted.

I've been practicing yoga 4 years now and took classes from lots of teacher and Anu is "The One" that i wish i can keep her in my hometown and able to take her class regularly :) not only that I enjoy her class so much but her presence simply make people around her feel comfortable and relax.

Rita Chang, Taiwan


Anu was one of my favorite yoga teachers at Intuitive Flow, where I attended her classes for 6 months. She has a very feminine and light presence, and her smile is brightening up the room as soon as she gets in. She starts the classes with a gentle yet powerful meditation that always helps me to quiet my chattering mind. As she takes us through the practice, Anu manages to instill easiness and lightness even in the more challenging poses, while offering adjustments for all levels. The pose sequences and the energy created in her classes have helped me to stay focused and often taken me to unexpected inner depths. So many times I left my fears and sadness on my yoga mat, while other times I left the room with a heart filled with bliss and genuine gratefulness. Anu is a very knowledgeable teacher, yet she shares her knowledge with humbleness and authenticity. I also appreciate her playful approach, which awakens in me a sense of lightness and joy, on and off the mat.

Andreea, Romania



When I first attended one of your classes at Intuitive Flow over two years ago I had no idea I could sweat so much outside of a hot-yoga class! I was dripping and it was great! Your class was hard work, but it was easy for me to step up and do the work you asked of us all, I think because you really do structure and time the flow of your classes perfectly. You also made us laugh at just the right moments, which always makes doing those challenging holds attainable! I knew from the outset I'd found a great teacher. You're the total package Anu - beautiful guided meditations and pranyama to start, classes that are so well crafted focusing on particular meridians or chakras (which I'm particularly drawn to), always giving us options to soften or deepen our poses, and always flowing into a very deep relaxation (sometimes even with a little shoulder massage!!) to finish off each class. WOW!  

But I didn't appreciate what a truly special person you really are until one morning when a little swallow flew into your class and became quickly panicked and 'stuck' flying around the ceiling. It wasn't until we all finally went into Shavasana that the tiny prisoner finally was given enough room to fly down and 'escape' out the window. You and I were the only two people in that full class who noticed that little bird, and we were the only two people who celebrated its final 'escape' with a silent 'YESSS!" and victory salute with our fists pumping slow motion in the air like we had just been told Nelson Mandela had been released from prison! You showed me in that moment that you care deeply Anu, whether it is a little bird trapped in a room full of sweaty yoga bodies, or it is one of those sweaty yoga bodies moving along with one of your oh so well choreographed classes. And that is what I love most about you - we are ALL welcomed and loved by you. Thank you. I really will miss you my dear.




I just wanted to tell you much I loved doing your classes, I felt such emotion and connection to all things in me and with mother earth.  I use your words in my life now still, to help me when I need grounding or to focus on important things. Thank you for being so real and for sharing your yogi gift with everyone. Big love <3

Lisa Roy, Australia