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Complete fully this registration form to secure your place on the Practice and Purify retreat with Anu Karoliina. In response you will receive an email with payment details. Once your deposit payment is received, your booking is secured and you will receive a confirmation email. The total balance is due 45 days before the retreat by the 6th of September 2019. Please read the full payment policy and terms and conditions before signing in. All of your information is handled with absolute confidence. You can fill in this form either in English or Finnish.


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Please complete fully in English or Finnish and submit the form below to secure your spot place in the retreat.

How long have you practiced yoga? How often do you practice? Please include what style.
Have you attended a yoga retreat/s before? What was your experience like? What are your intentions/expectations on this retreat?
Your current state of health. Please include if you are pregnant, taking medication or if there's any current or past injuries which may inhibit your yoga practice. Please include any other information about your embodiment we need to be aware of.
Please describe briefly your current mental-/emotional state. Please Include all relevant information about your history considering your mental/emotional health or traumas we need to be aware of.
Do you have any allergies or food intolerances? If yes please include them here. Our catering is vegeterian, if you prefer vegan option, please state it also here.
Choose your accommodation type. If you are travelling together with someone you want to share a room with specifically, state it below please.
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We are not liable for any unexpected occurances, injuries or accidents, medical or otherwise, that may happen to you as you take part in this retreat. For your convenience, comfort and safety, we require that you have a travel-/medical insurance.
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Completing this form registers your interest for the Practice and Purify retreat with Anu Karoliina in Bali. In return you will receive an email with payment details. To secure your place you need to pay the 400€ deposit which confirms your place. Once the deposit is received we will send you a confirmation email. By making a deposit you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this retreat. Terms and conditions